Saturday, January 29, 2011

If I could rule the world, I would.......

If I could rule the world, I would change the administrative system of the country a little better towards the present. Provide more job opportunities and job opportunities to local residents first. Since most young teenagers are more interested in working from further study. If my government, I take note of this change and not force people to do something that is not favored. But I also as a government, it will not prevent the local population if it wants to continue learning for the sake of their future. Surely we all know that studying one of the obligatory religious kifayah side, but we also have no right to force people to conform to the requirements of the will of others. About other things, I will consider convenience with the best interest of the population.
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  1. Hi peeps.. please provide some insight into who you guys are, k? anyhow, so far so good...