Saturday, February 5, 2011

Love Story Girls Blue Roses

I was her blue roses. I am very interested in the blue roses, but this is not what I want to share with you here ... the other hand, want to share about the love story .. I know love at the age of 16 years ... Let me call the men as "first love". .. I found the "first love" by a third person in a school when I was studying in SMKSMS .. During my studying there, I often have a response letter to the "first love" through a third person ... Waiting for a letter from him makes the heart beat fast and make my heart bloom along through the day at school .. As a result of this, all the people around me aware of this change and began to wonder asked, why I feel this way .. The longer I keep getting this feeling, elation increasingly evident direct result of "first love", by not arbitrarily ask someone else when it tried to attract my attention ... Who is he? Be answered in the next episode ......

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