Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa

          This story tells of a ship captain and was named Hero of the alleged Merong Mahawangsa a descendant of Alexander the Great Alexander @. His life was spent with the cruise travels from one place to another place. In the year 120, the Roman Empire at the top of his domain when it was under the reign of Hadrian, while in China, the Han Dynasty was a powerful empire and has extended its rule to the Central Asian countries. During the Roman forces are repairing their vessels in Goa, they ask for help Merong Mahawangsa to accompany and control the Prince of Rome to the Langkasuka (said to be located north of Malaysia) to China to marry a beautiful princess of the Han Dynasty. However, piracy of Geruda tribes have different plans. They decide to kidnap Princess of China and make it as a hostage. At the end of the Malacca Strait irrigation, Merong Mahawangsa and the fleet was attacked by Geruda while stopped at a small island to fill the inventory. Merong Mahawangsa on the island, rescued by kesum and Embok. With the help kesum and embok, Merong Mahawangsa recover from physical, mental and spirit. Even Merong Mahawangsa also crowned as king among the people on the island. At the time Merong Mahawangsa and tribal forces ready to fight pirates Geruda, unexpectedly meet Chinese and Roman Admiral. So they joined forces together to the tribal Merong Geruda pirates. When Merong Mahawangsa and nearly defeated by the tribal forces Geruda piracy, support the armed forces of China and Rome have come just in time. However, Merong Mahawangsa and Taji died while struggling with one another. However Merong Mahawangsa, had to save the Princess of China, and unite him with her fiancee, Prince of Rome to find a marriage of two great civilizations of East and West.

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  1. in my point of view. this movie still need a little bit of touch up. the graphic still not so good. for example, at the end of the movie.the surrounding of the place looks funny. there still place need to be upgrade.

    not satisfied.~