Wednesday, March 2, 2011

ThIrD ePiSoDe "GiRl LoVe BlUe RoSeS"

At the time I laughed was concerned about the silver ring, infusion in the heart that he "third person" are really sincere to me ... So, I chose him as "my PAKWE" ... hahaha ... but while only la .... the relationship that can be said "CINTA MONYET" could last a year ... a result not only condoned by the parents .... So ended the "CINTA MONYET" at school age ... ... .. Upon entering the "Diploma" in nature university, emmm very much the story ... A I was met by an opposite and four points ... hahahaha .... to say "PAKWE first" and not the "EX PAKWE" was found once da .... It is always out at night time ... going to do how do, people to meet, we find It just la .... ... really enjoy that time. each time found, not my money a "KOPAK" but the their money where they take me out is that KOPAK la "... hahahaha ... I'm living la luxury is time for one semester ... ehem, do not misunderstand ha, I'm not a scraper people money .... it is for sure ... ..see to the next episode....

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